The wines that we produce come from
the grapes grown in our own vineyards.

The unique nature of Valpolicella wines is down to the distinctiveness of the incredibly rich and diverse local area and the noble production characteristics of the various red grape varieties.

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Our culture of winemaking pays the utmost
attention to directly cultivating the grapevines,
so as to process the grapes as little as possible.

Luciano, currently at the helm, has followed the innovative footsteps of his father Battista, carrying on his winemaking culture yet interpreting it with his own personal vision. In fact, in the year 2000, Arduini took an innovative leap forward compared to the previous structure.

The Arduini agricultural enterprise continues to grow and, as it gains new experiences, it develops and renews itself following the evolutionary path mapped out by Grandpa Gabriele over seventy years ago.

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