Luciano Arduini boasts extensive experience in the wine industry, developed over generations.

The company was founded back in the 1940s, when grandfather Gabriele started up his business in the small town of “Canal” in Marano Valpolicella.

In 1969, Battista inherited the business in Corrubbio, going on to develop the company by gradually merging with land belonging to the ancient farm of Villa Banda Amistà, as can be seen by the “Fongo Fountain”, surrounded by the centuries-old cypress trees, near to the new winery.

Luciano, currently at the helm, has followed in the innovative footsteps of his father Battista

Luciano is following the example of his father, carrying on his winemaking culture yet interpreting it with his own personal vision. In fact, in the year 2000, Arduini took an innovative leap forward compared to the previous structure, beginning to produce wine in a new and modern winery.

Today, Luciano works together with his son, Andrea, to both grow the grapevines and make the wine. His wife Silvana takes care of the administrative management side.

The company Luciano Arduini continues to grow and, as it gains new experiences, it develops and innovates, following the evolutionary path mapped out by grandfather Gabriele over seventy years ago.

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