There are plenty of pleasant surprises in store for anyone who travels around the area where Valpolicella wines are made.

Using the three areas referred to by the relative product specifications as points of reference, i.e. Valpolicella Classica, Valpantena and Verona East, visitors can immerse themselves in enchanting artistic and natural beauties, including remains of pre-historic and Roman settlements, parish churches, small country churches and scenic family villas, all dotted among the vineyards, forests, cherry tree orchards and olive plants that you’ll find everywhere. For those who want to prolong the pleasure of their visit, it’s possible to head a little further afield and visit the nearby Lessinia and the stunning Valdadige.


There is something for everyone: for history enthusiasts and those who love to lose themselves among artistic beauty, for architects and those who are simply curious, for naturalists and archaeologists and, of course, for lovers of wine and good food.

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