The unique feature of this wine lies in its method of production, during which the drying process of the grapes is used in order to increase the body of the wine and the complexity of its bouquet. Intense ruby red colour with an extremely fruity aroma. A soft and velvety flavour with a strong hint of almonds. It is recommended that you open the bottle at least one hour before drinking and serve at a temperature of 18°C. The perfect accompaniment to red meat, grilled meat and mature cheese.


750 ml

Grape varieties

Corvina (50%), Corvinone (20%), Rondinella (20%) e Oseleta (10%)

Production technique

The grapes are harvested in the last ten days of September. The finest and healthiest bunches are placed in trays, taking the utmost care not to damage the grapes. They are then moved to dedicated dry and well-ventilated fruit stores where they are left to wither during the autumn, losing up to 35% of their weight.

Wine-making process

De-stalking and gentle pressing in November. First maceration lasting approx. 20 days during which time manual punching down and pumping over is carried out. Afterwards, the wine is transferred into barriques where it is left to mature for around 30 months, after which it undergoes further ageing in the bottle.

Dati analitici

- Alcohol Content: 15%
- Residual Reducing Sugar: 0,80 g/l
- Total Acidity: 6,00 g/l
- PH: 3,60
- Net Dry Extract: 36 g/l

Food pairings

The perfect accompaniment to red meat, grilled meat and mature cheese.

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